The real problem in student life is that you have’nt enough time to realize all of your ideas. This year, we had a lot of project to do for school, it tooks a lot of my time out of the class. But I managed to find some of it to follow a course on iOS developement and to improve my HTML/JAVA/PHP skills. See below a not limited list of some projects I did or are doing now :

Applications :

  • Trotticont PHP : a simple race counter with external display management
  • Medineo 1.0 : a patient files manager for doctors and assistants
  • Medineo 2.0 : a Medineo version in JAVA with Visual Interface
  • MultiEncrypter : encode texts
  • ULgOloc : an iOS/Android app that determine in which area/building you are in the ULg campus
  • JDMP mobile : an iOS version of
  • WEB’iNéo : an homemade CMS system
  • Francos 2.0 : iOS/Android App for the « Francofolies de Spa » music festival in summer 2013

Websites :